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To be clear, I am no film school student nor am I well-versed in the nuances of storytelling. I only know what I like and what I don’t like. I am just someone looking to be entertained. This blog aims to talk about movies from that perspective. You’ll see what entertained me and what didn’t.

I’ve seen a lot of movies in my time and decided to share what I think about them. I’ll try to keep it pithy as well as keep any spoilers to a minimum BUT BE PREPARED FOR SPOILERS!!! Sometimes they just can’t be avoided.

On this blog there will be old and new films alike. My tastes span the decades. Some of my favorite movies were made before I was born.

Some days of the week will be dedicated to certain types of movies.

  • Sundays will be for Classic Films. It could be a classic musical or classic action film or classic whatever. It just needs to be considered a highpoint in that genre or film in general.
  • Tuesdays will be for the occasional discussion of something on television. I love movies but I also love good television. It won’t be a regular feature but there will be posts.
  • Wednesdays will be for Westerns. It is a genre I love. I will even discuss films that borrow or use elements from that genre.
  • Fridays will be for film series. The only rule is that it needs more than one sequel. But I’m flexible there.
  • Saturdays belong to animation-as they should. CGI or stop motion or even classic hand drawn.

New stuff will be posted regularly. If you have any questions, comments or even suggestions on something I should watch, you can reach me at the following email address: contact@warren-watched-a-movie.com

I hope you enjoy and thank you for visiting.

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