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The Telegraph Trail

With local Native Americans attacking wagons hauling supplies, an army scout is sent in to make sure that the telegraph gets to the territory and connects the East with the territories in the West.

The Batman

A madman leaving riddles is murdering Gotham’s elite as he plays a game of wits with the Batman.

The Thomas Crowne Affair

A bored millionaire’s latest caper puts him squarely in the focus of an attractive insurance investigator. The Thomas Crowne Affair is one of those classic films that works largely on the chemistry of the two leads. The story itself is not necessarily focused on the caper but rather on the romance between insurance investigator VickiContinue reading “The Thomas Crowne Affair”

The Sea Beast

A girl joins a group of sea monster hunters as they go looking for the Red Bluster and begins to believe the hunts may not be justified.


David Dunn confronts The Horde as a conspiracy lingers in the shadows.


A scientist and her pet robot along with a mandroid and a martial arts master must stop an evil scientist from traveling back in time and conquering the Roman Empire.

Yellow Sky

A group of outlaws on the run following a bank heist stumble across a young woman and her grandfather living in a ghost town.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Doctor Robotnik returns and now Sonic must protect not only the town of Green Hills but the entire Earth from the evil doctor and his new ally Knuckles as they all search for the green Master Emerald.


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