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The Strangely Entertaining WolfCop

After a small-town alcoholic cop investigates an odd complaint, he finds he has been turned into a werewolf. Now with his newfound powers he must stop a group of reptilian shapeshifters from sacrificing him and maintaining their unholy grip on the town.

Resident Evil: Extinction

A group of survivors travel across the devastated Earth only to find themselves in the crosshairs of the remnants of the Umbrella Corporation and their plans.


A mythology expert and his daughter stumble across gargoyles that are ready to hatch their army and devastate the earth after centuries of waiting.

Halloween 2018

Michael Myers has been locked up for 40 years and finally escapes when being transferred to a new facility.


Five medical students begin exploring near death experiences until their own issues begin to haunt them.

Dead Space: Aftermath

With contact lost with USG Ishimura, the USG O’Bannon is sent to Aegis VII to investigate but contact is lost with that ship as well.


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