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The Secret of NIMH

Widowed field mouse Mrs. Brisby, in order to save her son, must seek the help of a group of rats with whom she has a connection even she is not aware of.

A View to a Kill

Insane industrialist and Soviet plant Max Zorin plans to flood Silicon Valley to create a microchip monopoly and James Bond must stop him.

Kung Fury

A cop becomes The Chosen One after being struck by lightning and getting bit by a snake. Now the toughest cop in 1985 Miami and known as Kung Fury, he must travel through time to stop the Kung Führer Adolf Hitler (Hitler is an evil King-Fu master here) and his diabolical plot.


A man and his friend visit a futuristic theme park where a malfunction causes the robotic entertainment to kill.


A man lives in the woods with his adopted daughter whom he has been training since a young age to be the perfect assassin to go after one woman that wishes them both dead.

Flash Gordon

Ming the Merciless of the Planet Mongo attacks the Earth and Flash Gordon along with Dale Arden and Dr. Hans Zarkov must save the world in this space opera cult classic.


A British agent is found dead clutching a counterfeit Faberge egg. 007 must investigate the agents murder and unravel a plot to launch a nuclear attack on NATO forces.

One Eight Seven

After being stabbed in a Brooklyn school, inner-city teacher Trevor Garfield moves to Los Angeles only to learn that things are not that different there.


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