Puerto Ricans In Paris

Directed by Ian Edelman


Two Puerto Rican New York City detectives, Luis (Luis Guzmán) and Eddie (Edgar Garcia), that specialize in busting counterfeit garment rings in the city are hired by a Parisian fashion company to track down the thief of their latest handbag prototype before the company must pay the ransom and get it back. If they don’t, the thieves will flood the black market with fakes and devastate the company.

Eddie loves his wife and kids but is a bit neglectful when it comes to birthdays and holidays. And he knows he is really screwing up. He also has a bit of a rivalry going on with his partner and brother-in-law Luis on who keeps claiming he is the better cop.

Luis thinks he’s a lady’s man and remains more than a bit clueless about the reality that he isn’t. He has a girlfriend of several months that he’s unwilling to commit to contrary to her desire for a stronger commitment.

Rosie Perez plays Eddie’s wife Gloria. She is at her breaking point with his forgetfulness. Rosario Dawson plays Vanessa, the girlfriend of Luis. Their boss Sargent Nora (Miriam Shor) who is pretty funny is only in it for a few minutes. Their parts amount to little more than cameos to help establish the male leads. They were all entertaining characters and I wish they’d been in it a little more. Given that it was a comedy I think getting them all to Paris could have been written in effectively. I’m guessing budgetary limitations prevented this.

Some of the humor does rely on fish out of water type stuff but so long as you laugh who cares? They don’t know the customs or the city and act as if they’re still in NYC. They go for the usual joke of dressing up the main characters in the oddest European fashions they can find which is always good for a laugh.

The rest of the jokes come from Luis trying to charm the ladies of Paris and continuously failing. Eddie on the other hand is easily connecting with Colette (Alice Taglioni), the fashion designer whose handbag was stolen. This makes Luis jealous and causes him try harder which leads him to fail more. Luis thinks something is going on between Eddie and Colette when really Eddie and Colette are just connecting as friends. It provides for some funny moments

The mystery portion of the movie isn’t much of a mystery. They don’t do any real investigating or finding of clues. Then again that’s not the point of the movie. The goal of the movie is to see these two fish out of water interact and make us laugh. It’s also about Eddie realizing he needs to be a better husband and better man to his wife as well as Louis realizing he has a good thing back home and that Eddie is just as good of a cop as he is. In that aspect it’s about growing up. The two main characters need to mature for the respective people in their lives.

The most unfortunate part of this movie for me is that it’s short. It’s only 82 minutes. I really would have liked a little more padding in this movie. Normally I’m against that but this movie could’ve benefited from it. I would’ve loved to see a little bit more development of all the characters. I would’ve liked to of gotten a little more of Eddie with his family as well as the relationship between Luis and Vanessa. The cast was quite good, and the short run time prevented what could have been a great ensemble comedy.

This was a Dollar Tree find and let me tell you I’m glad I found it. The movie is actually funny. You will actually laugh watching this. You always take a risk with any unrecognized title bought at a deep discount retailer like that. I bought this mostly based on my knowledge of Guzmán. He’s a talented actor. He didn’t let me down here. It’s a funny film. It’s got some good laughs in it and the leads are engaging enough to keep you watching until the end. I just wish there had been more of the film and more of some of the characters. Despite its flaws it’s an enjoyable film.

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