Star Wars Fan Film Festival Episode I

It’s May 4th-that’s Star Wars Day to all you uninitiated-so I figured I would do a blog about three Star Wars fan films that I found entertaining.

Han Solo: A Smuggler’s Trade

Directed by Keith Allen


A fan film so awesome that it needed its own trailer. Watch here:

The story is simple enough. Han Solo (Jamie Costa) is caught cheating at a card game and promptly kicked out of the cantina. Just before being kicked out he is able to steal an old lightsaber which he plans to use to trade with a gangster named Gyorsho (Doug Jones) for Chewbacca’s freedom.

This short film has plenty of nods to Star Wars. There’s a Dash Rendar looking character seen in the opening shot of the cantina. He is a character from the swath of mythology now referred to as “Legends.” Han Solo gets roughed up by a Twilek in the cantina. There is a red colored robot that looks suspiciously like C-3PO at that cantina. And Han rides a speeder bike through the desert and we even get Jawas. Not to mention the artifacts seen at Gyorsho’s headquarters are indicative of Darth Revan. The only thing missing is Boba Fett.

Jaime Costa does a good job at channeling a young Han Solo. I’m not sure all what his resume is but he would’ve made a very good feature film Han Solo. He has the mannerisms down perfectly. Mr. Costa almost does an impersonation here. I say almost because an impersonation isn’t enough. You have to actually give the character life. In this case you have to give the character that Harrison Ford style charm and he does infuse his Han Solo with that roguish charm.

This film though done on a lower budget definitely has a Star Wars look and feel to it. It fits right in with that environment. And the story is very Star Wars. Star Wars is fun, and this film is fun. It’s not dour and nearly hopeless as some Star Wars has recently tried to be. I honestly think the people behind this could’ve made a very good canonical Star Wars film given the resources that Disney has. Disney should have approached them for the Solo film.

If you want to watch it then follow the link below and watch it. You’ll enjoy.

Batman vs Darth Vader 

Directed by Aaron Schoenke


The Empire has captured Superman and plans on making a trade with Darkside of Apokolips. Batman must stop this trade before it happens. If he doesn’t the two most evil forces in two galaxies will form an alliance that could thread in the universe.

This is one of my favorite crossovers. In the comics Batman has gone against many villains that are more powerful than he and he’s always managed to hold his own. Here is no different. 

As in other such instances when going up against a more powerful adversary, Batman uses his mind to hold his own against Darth Vader. This is the same thing he would do against any of his normal adversaries. And just as it would be in the comics his goal is not to defeat the villain (though that would be an acceptable outcome). His goal is to hold out long enough so that the actual goal can be accomplished.

This movie looks good. And that’s always important. It’s especially important when you’re dealing with a set of characters that have such strong followings. All the costumes look great as do the sets which appear to be largely green screen.

One of my favorite moments in the story is that Batman realizing he can’t actually defeat Darth Vader uses his brain to limit Vader’s ability to use the force by taking his suit out of commission with an EMP pulse. Batman realized that without the suit Vader would need to use the Force to sustain himself and could not use it in any other way. The odds were evened.

From the voice of Oracle in the beginning to the mention of Boba Fett and his use of a kryptonite powered lightsaber, this short film has a decent number of references to both fictional universes. That and the creative story will definitely please the fans.

This is a great crossover fan film. I do prefer the version with the alternate ending so follow the link to that version down below. You’ll love it.

Spider-Man vs Darth Maul

Directed by Aaron Schoenke


This is probably the weakest of the Star Wars themed short films here. Darth Maul comes to Earth in order to bring back the symbiote to Senator Palpatine/Darth Sidious. To do so he kidnaps Mary Jane and lures Spider-Man into a trap.

They get the Spiderman banter right here and Darth Maul is more like he was in The Phantom Menace then he was in The Clone Wars series. To put it in line with MCU movies they even get in a cameo by the late and great Stan Lee. It’s pretty cool overall and I have a tough time choosing between which version of the film I like better. So I decided to include both.


The original benefits from an abrupt and brutal end to Darth Maul indicating the symbiote has corrupted Spider-Man.


The alternate version gives us a cool looking redesign of Darth Maul when he gets his own symbiote. Unfortunately, you don’t get to see much of it.

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