Wonder Woman: Bloodlines

Directed by Sam Liu and Justin Copeland


Fighter pilot Steve Trevor (Jeffrey Donovan) crash lands on the Amazonian island of Themyscira while fighting off Parademons from Apokolips. Against her mother’s wishes and Amazonian law, Princess Diana (Rosario Dawson) helps him to escape and return to the human world. There she establishes herself as Wonder Woman and embarks on a superhero career but after the death of a friend she must stop a super powered threat and confront the deeds of her past.

The story involves Wonder Woman as well as her friend Dr. Julia Kapatelis (Nia Vardalos) and her daughter Vanessa (Marie Avgeropoulos). Vanessa, jealous of the attention and awe that her mother feels for Wonder Woman has fallen in with a super villain crowd. While trying to sell a stolen artifact to Dr. Poison (Courtenay Taylor), her mother is shot and she blames Wonder Woman.

This plot point helps to provide some emotion to the story but mostly just for the character of Wonder Woman. I wish there had been a little more emotion attached to the character of Vanessa. However, they do make up for it in how they portray Diana’s feelings towards her home and her own mother and what she did when she came to the world of men.

The sexual tension-which I assume they were going for between Steve Trevor and Diana-is not too strong. It’s closer to them being very good friends than it is an actual romantic interest. I think they wanted them to be on the verge of it, but it just does not quite get there. Maybe they are saving that for the next movie which a mid-credits scene implies.

Veronica Cale (Constance Zimmer) is a newer character to the DC canon. Here she is similar to her original version which is a high-powered corporate executive. They don’t show her as openly hating or generally antagonistic to Wonder Woman. She just comes off as thinking she’s better than her. In fact, she thinks she is better than anybody. Contrary to her original portrayal, she seems to have no particular animosity towards Wonder Woman until the end when her plans are thwarted as her goal was to take Amazonian technology for profit.

I do give this film credit when it comes to characterization. All the central characters have a personality of their own. Each one acts different and what they do makes sense in the context of the character. The DC animated films are very adept at presenting well rounded characters.

As per usual the story of this DC feature is more sophisticated than most animated films. Wonder Woman: Bloodlines is a bit of a mystery with plenty of twists and turns which is not normal for something whose primary audience is to be children. DC does not attempt to talk down to their audience with their animated films. And that serves them very well. Even here when they got a little silly with Ferdinand the Minotaur (Michael Dorn) it didn’t hamper the narrative. They know how to balance the serious with the silly. 

The post credits scene certainly set up a sequel and I would love to see one. This movie was great. They embrace the modern take on Wonder Woman. From the looks of it they don’t shy away from the source material which I love in a film adaption of a comic book. If what inspires you to make the movie is not good enough to put in the movie then why are you making the movie? 

Post credits scene.

This is yet another great DC animated feature. This is an origin story that they weave in between the current group of DC original animated Justice League features. That’s no easy thing to do and they managed to make it work. Those that have tried tend to make films that feel shoehorned in.

It is a really good action-packed story. And it’s also a well-done story too. Despite it’s shortcomings, DC once again hits it out of the park here with this animated feature. I would love it if they did an animated feature for theaters. Why they have done a well budgeted animated superhero feature yet escapes me. I think they could really do an amazing job. This story will not disappoint you. Go and watch it.

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