Halo: The Fall of Reach

Directed by Ian Kirby


The film tells the story of John/Master Chief (voiced by Steve Downes) and how he is conscripted as a boy into the UNSC Spartan Program and formed into a leader.

The story tries to be more character driven than action driven. It manages to do that well enough and expands upon the character of Master Chief. You learn his background and get some details on the early days of the program.  I’m not sure if that’s too wise though. Sometimes it’s best to leave a mysterious character mysterious. I’m not against exploring the origins of the program but exploring the story of a faceless character whose appeal is based on the ability of fans to identify with him because he is faceless is not always smart.

Dr. Halsey (voiced by Jen Taylor) and the character of Mendez (voiced by Richard Cansino) are essentially his mother and father in this film and they raise him to not only be a good soldier but a good leader that cares about his troops. It’s been a long time since I’ve played any of the games so my memory of them from the games is a little fuzzy. The character of Halsey in particular seems a little kinder and more maternal here.

This was actually an animated miniseries that was released on DVD and Blu-ray as a film. It in turn is based off of a novel called The Fall of Reach which is set just before the events of the original game.

It reminds me of the style used in a very different animated film called The Polar Express. Here as well as there they try to make it look like a moving painting rather than go for the usual style of other CGI films or even a more realistic appearance. It leaves character and environmental details a little flat at times.

The Halo franchise of games has always provided for strong visuals and this movie is no different. Despite the flaws in the animation style the visuals are still pretty good. The armor always look awesome and the payoff at the end when you finally see Master Chief and his fellow Spartan-II program members in them is worth the wait.

I haven’t seen a video game tie in film in quite a while. Are they still a thing? Some pretty good stuff was produced but I can’t remember anything recently coming out tied into a video game.

This is a good movie. If you come across it watch it. It’s accessible to fans of the video game franchise as well as those who know nothing about it. You won’t need any background information before you sit down for a watch. It’s good and exciting and will hold you until the end. If I had a serious gripe it would be that the film itself is too short. I would of loved to have seen more. Even so, it’s still very good and worth a watch.

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