Grandma’s Boy

Directed by Nicholaus Goossen


A middle-aged video game developer gets kicked out of his house after his roommate has spent all of the rent money on Filipino hookers. After a few disastrous attempts to temporarily move in with friends, he moves in with his grandmother and her two roommates. Now he’s got to win over the new boss as he works out the bugs in a new game as well as navigates a backstabbing and weird coworker.

Allen Covert is hilarious as Alex. Prior to this I always had seen him in supporting roles in Adam Sandler films and he was always very entertaining in those. I dare say scene stealing at times. In this film he is the star and he kills it.

And who knew Linda Cardellini had such comedic chops before this? Here she plays the new boss and eventual love interest Samantha. The only thing I had seen her in prior to this movie was a handful of episodes of Freaks and Geeks (good show but nothing like this) and so I did not expect too much but I was floored. She has since gone on to numerous other roles and continues to prove herself a very good actress. I’m sorry I doubted her.


The film is filled with weird characters. Dante (Peter Dante) for example is a stoned out of his mind drug dealer that orders a lion to guard his stuff and after the lion escapes buys a monkey and hires a karate instructor for that monkey. What!? There is just so much oblivious earnestness in his delivery. Whenever he speaks your brain short circuits. 

Mr. Cheezle (Kevin Nealon) is the owner of the video game company which Alex and most of the characters in the film work for. He is an over the top New Age hippie type. Nealon delivers his lines with a tender seriousness that makes them 10 times funnier. His dream interpretations are pee-your-pants funny.

Bea (Shirley Knight) is one of the “grandmas” in this film. She is an overly medicated individual prone to hilariously clueless non sequiturs that the characters barely notice.

There is a subplot where Alex’s coworker Jeff (Nick Swardson) becomes involved with the titular grandma’s (Doris Roberts) roommate Grace (Shirley Jones). Grace is quite possibly the dirtiest old lady you ever saw on in a movie. The Partridge family was light comedy, but this is downright raunchy stuff and I never knew she had that in her. The line about Charlie Chaplin is classic. Maybe ZAZ was onto something by casting those not normally connected to ludicrous comedy.

The people who were normally in the background or in supporting roles of the Adam Sandler movies of the time get pushed into the foreground and in what I took as a show of friendship and support, Adam Sandler and David Spade and even Rob Schneider took cameo roles in this movie. That’s just cool.

This movie is filled with one amazing performance after another. They say comedy is hard. Being funny on purpose is a difficult thing but they do it so frequently throughout the course of this film that you understand for a select few when brought together it’s very easy.

You need to watch it to get it. It’s beyond explanation and so funny.

Grandma’s Boy is a classic stoner comedy as well is quite possibly one of the funniest films ever made. The bathroom scene alone is hilarious and completely inappropriate and should cement its position among the great comedies. In his first attempt to spend the night somewhere our hero can’t sleep so he takes Jeff‘s Lara Croft doll into the bathroom to pleasure himself and what happens next is absolutely the funniest thing you will see in a movie. It is also kinda gross. But funny. But kinda gross. But so very funny.

Grandma’s Boy goes for a live action animated movie vibe. They play fast and loose with reality and it works amazingly well. This movie is a nonstop series of laughs. Whether or not you are a stoner or gamer, you will find this movie hilarious.

This is one of my all-time favorite comedies and for some reason despite how amazing it is it just doesn’t get the love or attention it deserves. Treat yourself and see this movie. It’s available on YouTube and probably lots of other formats. You need to watch this.

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