Eve of Destruction

Directed by Duncan Gibbin


For years the military has been developing machines that appear human in order to act as weapons. During a field test one of these machines EVE VIII (Renée Soutendijk) is damaged in a bank robbery and now Col. Jim McQuade (Gregory Hines) must stop this nuclear armed weapon before it goes off in New York City.

It is an early 90s Terminator rip off. How you ask? EVE VIII is a robot surrounded by a flesh exterior in order to appear human in order to be an infiltration unit and thus is an unstoppable killing machine. Does that sound familiar? If not then pay attention to The Terminator next time.

EVE VIII is modeled physically after Dr. Eve Simmons (again Renée Soutendijk) who is part of the team building it. And she is also psychologically modeled after her builder to the point that she contains enough memories that she begins acting out on impulses and fantasies that the doctor otherwise never would. So somebody thought it was a good idea to imbue human baggage on a nuclear armed machine? Furthermore, somebody thought it was a good idea to field test it with said nuclear weapon in it? Makes sense. Why would you even do that?!

Gregory Hines is the best soldier of the government has. Aren’t they always though? He is called in to track down and neutralizer the gynoid. Hines comes off as surprisingly authentic in his role but then again, he was a good actor. The rest of the cast not so much so but when you have Kurt Fuller towards the top of the cast credits, I am not sure about the general quality of the acting. Do not get me wrong. Fuller always does a great job as slimy types and here is no different but to be one of the top names of the opening credits is not the norm for him.

I do not know too much about the actress that played EVE, Renée Soutendijk. She does a fine job here and makes the two separate characters different enough so she is not coming off as just changing clothes between scenes. The explanation as to why this American born scientist has an un-American accent feels a little convoluted. They jump through a lot of hoops to get you to disregard it which in my mind puts a second spotlight on it. It is a looooooooooooooooong explanation.

One of the plot points in the movie is the trauma Simmons experienced because of her father. It gets built up but there is not much of a payoff. EVE VIII kills him in revenge for what happened with Simmons’ mother, but it does not feel like much.

Eve of Destruction tries to be complicated and deep but never quite hits that mark. Then again what can you expect from a movie that uses a pun as its title? Even so they do manage to make this movie entertaining. Some of that may be because we all would like to do that which we are afraid to do and Eve Simmons gets that opportunity in a way.

The movie is a bit mindless but not too bad of an action film. The scenes where the people that do not know she is a machine try to stop her are entertaining enough but needed better technical execution. The shots are static in these instances and not very dynamic. You get a full screen shot that is slowed down just a bit of to easily see a hole getting put in EVE.

Eve of Destruction is a decent movie that action fans will enjoy. You will visit it every now and then. It will become a guilty pleasure. You will see this movie and maybe regret it a little bit but eventually you will go back for another viewing because in the end you do like it even though you should not. Watch it and enjoy.

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