Directed by Bong Joon-ho


In an attempt to stop global warming, humanity screws itself over by releasing a substance into the air that not only cools the planet but turns it into a giant ice cube. After this questionable scientific achievement, the last of humanity lives on a train that circles the earth. Now one survivor is leading a revolution which will expose secrets and change the fate of the remnants of humanity.

Curtis Everett (Chris Evans) is the leader of this revolt. He is a troubled young man who is still suffering from the horrors of the early days of the train. Horrors he engaged in. Chris Evans genuinely acts here. I honestly think he just phoned it in with the Marvel movies. He did not have to try with those but at this point which was still early in his tenure as Captain America he put in some genuine effort and it shows.

John Hurt (Gilliam), Octavia Spencer (Tanya), Song Kang-ho (Namgoong Minsoo), Go Ah-sung (Yona), Jamie Bell (Edgar), Tilda Swinton (Minister Mason), and Ed Harris (Wilford) round out the cast. They assembled a really great cast here and it helps carry the premise. This is an utterly ridiculous science-fiction idea that works very well in this film.

Tilda Swinton is especially good as Minister Mason. She is a little cartoonish but in a premise like this her character does not come off as ridiculous. She comes off as a detached administrator doing her duty with complete indifference to any harm or hurt her duties may cause.

This is an idea that really should not work. On paper it just sounds idiotic. But the director Bong Joon-ho who eventually went on to the Academy Award winning Parasite showed his talent in this earlier film. He immersed you in this world and made it very believable. And he made something beautiful to look it. The appearance is not generic.

Snowpiercer e looks great. The train in the pour section looks like a ghetto and as you progress through the other sections each area is believable for what its purpose on a train. You can believe you are in the water section or in an aquarium or wherever.

The movie is a slow and steady escalation of tension. It just builds and builds as they pass through each section of the train until the conclusion and everything is laid out. You get a “Holy crap!” moment because of this.

For as much advancing as they do and for the different areas they pass through you never see anything like living quarters other than in the poor/ghetto section or something like a common area. You get a school but that is it. This is a settlement on wheels. Where are they? I know it may just not have been shown but it was something that stuck out to me.

This is a very bizarre concept that is executed very well. It is a unique entry into the post-apocalyptic genre. I suggest you check it out.

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