Farscape Part 5 Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

Directed by Brian Henson

Sci-Fi (now Syfy) Channel


This is the final installment (so far) of one of the most innovative and unique science fiction universes on television. Some have called this season five of the series and to be fair an argument can be made for that perspective. It wraps up the season four cliffhanger as well as a few plot threads from the series. Others view it as a two-part miniseries round up. However you view this it is one hell of a ride.

For the past two months the crew of the Moya has been collecting the bits and pieces of John (Ben Browder) and Aeryn (Claudia Black) from the bottom of the water planet ocean. Now they find themselves in a galaxy at war and John is the perceived key to victory as both sides seek him in order to build an ultimate weapon to end the conflict.

For me this miniseries was less like a fifth season and more like the last four episodes of a season with its frenetic pace and increasing stakes that were capped off by a calm episode that wrapped up most everything from the previous episodes. And you know what? That is just fine. Being only four televised hours there was not enough time to craft the complex and interweaving stories and storylines that the show was masterful at, but they did still make something that was very much in the Farscape mold.

It contained only a smidgen of the fanciful aliens that would appear in a normal Farscape season. I wish they were able to put in more, but they would have needed more hours to do so properly. The Henson Company with this series showed that they excelled in creating interesting looking aliens and placing them in stories where they are more than just creatures of the week.

And as per usual the best laid plots of the Moya crew no matter how simple or complex never worked quite right and they were forced to improvise. And as per usual and noted by John and Aeryn their odds were not very good of their plan of using the remaining Eidelons to influence peace and end the war. And yet the characters managed to pull it off but not without paying a high price.

Death even lingered and showed its face plenty of times during the miniseries. This was called The Peacekeeper Wars after all and they did not try to make war look like a fun adventure. The battle scenes were tough and plenty of people died from series regulars to minor new characters. No one was safe.

The loss of D’Argo (Anthony Simcoe) was a gut punch. His death was moving, but it fit with the show. You did not feel cheated either as they were implying he had a future during the story. Some have complained about Chiana‘s (Gigi Edgley) reaction but she had just decided to settle down with D’Argo because she knew that he was the one for her and he was taken away. She was devastated by grief.

The character of John as usual wishes to be left alone to just live his life with Aeryn and his coming son. One of the more shocking things he does to achieve this goal is to actually make the weapon after making contact with the Ancient known as Einstein (John Bach) one last time to fully release the wormhole knowledge. And this is the moment where he gets the most blood on his hands. Assuming ships on both sides carry 100,000 passengers and crew he killed easily over 1 million. All in the name of peace and to show both sides just how insane wanting these weapons was. It was an utterly insane idea that would only work in Farscape.

Scorpius (Wayne Pygram) finally realized the insanity of what he wanted but only when he saw its unbridled destructive power. The “what was I thinking” reaction when he saw the destruction was a jarring moment.

Scorpius gets his weapon

Commandant Grayza (Rebecca Riggs) returns and is just as devious and cunning and cold as she was before. Her pregnancy to the high ranking Maryk (Linal Haft) draws a nice parallel between what is going on with John and Aeryn. One is trying to live in peace while the other is trying to preserve their way of life and live in peace. From what I understand Rebecca Riggs was pregnant at the time of filming so they just wrote it in. And it worked rather well.

One thing though that jumped out at me was that children among the Peacekeepers were not conceived while in relationships. At least not on purpose but the relationship between Grayza and Maryk appeared to be open and on the part of Maryk romantic. Did his rank as well as hers allow them to openly flaunt the rules? That was never really answered but on the whole it is not that important. Just an observation by a longtime fan.

The birth of the child D’Argo Sun-Crichton and marriage between his parents is perhaps one of the funniest and most endearing scenes I have seen in a while. Here they combine danger and humanity and heart like few other shows could or even dare.

We even get a little hope for Rygel (voiced by Jonathan Hardy). During the course of the film Rygel received a message that there was chaos in the Hynerian Empire from his cousin Bishan because of the war and his cousin wishes him to return to help calm the populace. It is not an outright statement that Rygel will get back his throne, but it gives the character some hope to at least no longer be a fugitive. And by the end of the film it is clear he is no longer the cowardly and selfish ruler that had been imprisoned for well over a century ago. By the end of season four he was caring if not still a bit cowardly but here when he is watching the ever-growing wormhole and declares essentially he is willing to die for peace. He has become brave and a bit more selfless.

Most of the main characters get some type of ending. Even Stark (Paul Goddard) finds peace and the glow that his mask covered is no longer present. It may not necessarily be a happily ever after, but they get something that indicates more or less where they will go from there. Noranti (Melissa Jaffer) is the only one without a character resolution really. She’s just sent off camera with some Eidelon survivors. Even Jothee (Nathaniel Dean taking over for Matthew Newtom) gets some direction and he was not in all that much of the series.

This is a quality finale. It is good and exciting and it’s just as visually amazing as the show was. While it is not without its flaws, those flaws are insignificant and do not harm the narrative. Fans will leave very satisfied. This is a must watch.

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