Kung Fury

Written and Directed by David Sandberg


A cop becomes The Chosen One after being struck by lightning and getting bit by a snake. Now the toughest cop in 1985 Miami and known as Kung Fury (David Sandberg), he must travel through time to stop the Kung Führer Adolf Hitler (Hitler is an evil King-Fu master here) (Jorma Taccone of Lonely Island fame) and his diabolical plot.

I finally got around to watching this and holy crap is it good! If drugs were not involved in the production of this short film I would be surprised. It is a series of seemingly random bits that actually form a cohesive yet ludicrous homage to 80s action films and shot to look like an overused VHS cassette tape from the local rental place. 

Logic is not really present here. For example, during the mid-80s Hitler having traveled to 1985 takes a cell phone and shoots up King Fury’s precinct by shooting THROUGH the cell phone. Yes. That happens. A computer hacker (the greatest hacker in the world BTW) as Hackerman (Leopold Nilsson) hacks a computer to send Kung Fury back in time but things go bad and he winds up in the age of Vikings and meets Thor (voiced by Per-Henrik Arvidius and played by Andreas Cahling) as well as the two scantily clad Viking Warrior Women of Barbarianna (Eleni Young) who rides a giant wolf and wields a Minigun and Katana (voiced by Yasmina Suhonen and played onscreen by Helene Ahlson) who rides a Tyrannosaurus named Dinomite (voiced by Frank Sanderson) and uses an Uzi. I am reading this, and it is balls out crazy sounding on paper but is hilarious up on screen.

The flow of the story is just so insanely random in appearance but follows a progression that is logical in the context of the weird world in which there are characters like Kung Fury’s new partner Triceracop (voiced by Frank Sanderson and performed by Erik Hornqvist). That is the most amazing part. The weirdness does not jump out at you until you talk about the film.

This movie has a great deal in common with lower budget direct to video action films of the time. But it is not making fun of them. Rather it lovingly pokes fun at the super cop trope and the use of eastern philosophy. This is not done in a mean spirit but in the spirit of a fan that appreciates them for what they were.

Hitler being an evil kung fu master is definitely out there. And the whole story here loops back to the opening scene. Kung Fury is just such a weird and difficult to describe film. There are dinosaurs and a buff Thor and Viking warrior women with machine guns and Hitler time travels. In an homage to the films of the era in which it is set you have got the line chewing police captain and the super cop that is the best of the best who causes a shit ton of damage but gets the bad guy and never suffers any consequences.

The perfect theme song DOES exist

Much of what you see in the above video for the song True Survivor makes its way into the film in some form. This video is as gloriously crazy as the movie. To go along with the 80s look of the film you get an 80s style synth pop song performed by 80s icon David Hasselhoff who also parodies his TV show Knight Rider at the very end of the movie as the Hoff 9000 that is the computer intelligence running Kung Fury’s Lamborghini. They even poke fun here at the honest cop with an awesome car trope.

They do an homage to side scrolling fighting games when Kung Fury finally makes it to Nazi Germany and goes on a kung fu fueled Nazi killing spree. It is so very dead on.

Last I heard they were making a feature length version of this with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Fassbender having parts. There is certainly plenty here to be expanded upon. The director packed a great deal into those 30 minutes.

Kung Fury is available free on YouTube. Watch it without expecting a whole lot of intelligence. It is an amazing piece of work. If you do not like it, you have no soul.

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