Instant Death

Directed by Ara Paiaya


Special Forces veteran John Bradley’s daughter gets caught up in some kind of drug war (I think) in this lumbering thriller. And I use that term loosely. Thrills are not its strong point.

Good Lord this was awful! I paid a dollar for this and I still think I paid too much. It was slow and disjointed. And the hero kind of stumbles into the whole situation and lumbers through a few incidental villains to the chief bad guy. Lou Ferrigno really showed his age here as John Bradley. This is an action movie, but his moves are insanely slow for the genre. He is supposed to be this unstable Special Forces guy that is better than the best, but he moves like he has arthritis and does not know who to attack.

And how exactly is this American Special Forces vet connected to equally geriatric British Special Forces Col. Neal (Michael James MacMahon)? While they are both a type of Special Forces, neither one served in the same military. His only purpose is to spout ominous lines about how dangerous John is and wear cheap looking uniforms that poorly fit.

And that granddaughter was such an incidental character. I do not think they even used her name. I am completely drawing a blank on it. She shows up for one scene to establish her existence and then another scene you get to watch when she is killed by the villain.

Her mother Jane (Tania Staite), John’s daughter, is done a little better and her name even gets used a few times. She is apparently a single mom living somewhere in the UK. It is supposed to be London, but this could be any old apartment building anywhere really.

I am old enough to remember the Incredible Hulk series and I have a soft spot for Lou Ferrigno so that is why I picked this up. I will say the man is in fantastic shape for his age, but he is no action hero. His steely look has all the intimidation of a man constipated. His threatening tone is more laughable than anything.

Or maybe it is the script Ferrigno was given. The story kind of meanders along. The direction is poor. The film is slow and stiff. And the dialogue is clunky to the point of feeling adlibbed. There are moments when you just feel it.

Characterization is awful in this film. And that is being extremely kind. There is no emotional connection between the father and daughter or the father and granddaughter or even the deceased mother and daughter. Nobody comes off as having any real emotional connection. People on a bus have a stronger bond than anybody in this movie.

John Bradley is unstable and a well-trained killer who worked for the government in some vague capacity killing people. The talk implies it was for the US Army but what occurs in the movie implies it was for the British government. Not clear which it is. I think they were winging it here. I am talking the whole movie.

I was also left with the feeling that at least in the beginning of the film there was some type of connection between the villain and Bradley. I am not sure why, but I was left with that impression. The dialogue seemed to indicate it but it never came to fruition.

Instant Death is not good. I would not even recommend watching it for free. Instant Death is so bad you would demand your money back if you watched it for free. Despite having a cool name, it is a complete waste of your time. Even the least discerning action film fan would hate this. Avoid at all costs.

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2 thoughts on “Instant Death

  1. This idiot buys a film for $1 watches it for 90 minutes of his life. Hates it so much he takes even more time and energy to think and write up a whole article about it. Then spends time post’s it online and social media etc??? You fucking idiot instead of wasting your time, money and others time. If you don’t like a film toss it away!!! Save everyone else from your awful writing. Your stupid review is longer than the film.


    1. This blog is for review of the movies I watch and I may not like them all. That’s the way of things.

      It would have been a greater waste of time and money to do nothing with the time I spent watching the film. I guess you could call it turning a positive into a negative. And tossing it away would make it all a complete waste of time AND money.

      I have no power to force anyone to read anything I post on my blog so if someone feels their time is wasted it is their fault and not mine. You and others arrived here of your own freewill.

      I can tell by your insults towards me that you are a thoughtful individual of significant intellect. I hesitate to debate with you further but will do so if necessary.


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