Star Wars: Droids

Produced by Nelvana, Lucasfilm, and 20th Century Fox Television

September 7, 1985 to June 7, 1986


Voice Cast

  • C-3PO-Anthony Daniels
  • Jann Tosh / Boba Fett / Kybo Ren-Cha-Don Francks
  • Sise Fromm / Mungo Baobab-Winston Rekert
  • Proto One / Admiral Terrinald Screed / Lord Toda-Graeme Campbell
  • Jord Dusat-Peter MacNeill
  • Jessica Meade-Taborah Johnson
  • Vlix Oncard / Greej / Zatec-Cha / Sollag-John Stocker
  • Thall Joben-Rob Cowan
  • Jord Dusat (episode 4) / Uncle Gundy / Jyn Obah / Vinga / Yorpa / Governor Koong / Captain Cag-Dan Hennessey
  • Princess Gerin-Cree Summer
  • Auren Yomm-Jan Austin
  • The Great Heep-Long John Baldry
  • Kea Moll-Lesleh Donaldson
  • Mon Julpa-Chris Wiggins
  • Tig Fromm-Winston Rekert

The adventures of R2-D2 and C-3PO before they hooked up with Luke Skywalker.

That was the premise of Droids though the prequels seem to have made just how this show fits in to the Star Wars Universe problematic. This for me was a nice bit of Star Wars that helped tide me over for a while after Return of the Jedi. For me this was and still is the better of the two original Star Wars animated series.

Droids lasted one season with a special primetime broadcast serving as the series finale. It was a lot closer to Star Wars than its sister series Ewoks but that could be because it was not anchored for its whole run to a single planet. Though child friendly, Droids also had a tone more in line with the original films.

Every few episodes C-3PO and R2-D2 would find themselves in the hands of a new master after becoming separated from their previous one. We would have some adventure and at the conclusion of the adventure our two heroes would move on whether they wanted to or not. After all they were droids and droids for much of Star Wars have been disposable second-class entities. That might be a little dark but it is true.

And much like in the films R2-D2 and C-3PO were more observers of the action than actual participants in it. They were the way in for the viewer so to speak. They were a little more active here though. Not by much.

We got some interesting villains on the more kid friendly side I think would make great additions to the new Star Wars canon. Tig Fromm was a great space gangster and Kybo Ren was an intriguing space pirate though the extreme similarity in name of the latter to Kylo Ren probably prevents him from making another appearance in Star Wars media again.

And we were not treated to just interesting new characters, but we got appearances by two Star Wars film characters that were not done in such a way as to shove it in your face. IG-88 and Boba Fett both showed up here. Jabba the Hutt even got a mention. The animation was handled by Canadian firm Nelvana for Lucasfilm which had previously done Boba Fett’s first appearance (animated) in the 1978 Star Wars Christmas, er, holiday special. The theme “In Trouble Again”, one of my personal favorite TV themes, was performed by Stewart Copeland of the Police (they were HUGE) and written by him and Derek Holt. That is some serious talent there.

The amazing opening theme

The character designs and the animation style were good. I would not call them great, but they worked well enough. This was around the time of such shows as G.I. Joe and Transformers who I felt were of a much better quality of animation. At least for the time.

Anthony Daniels was the only Star Wars actor that could return given the concept of the TV show and he did. The rest of the parts were filled out by other voice actors some of whom are well-known (at least if you are a serious fan of animation).

To the best of my knowledge the show is currently available on Disney+. What I watched as a refresher was a DVD I purchased years ago. Droids is a nice B-side slice of Star Wars. Though no longer canonical (at least not without mental gymnastics) it embodies very well the spirit of the film series at the time.

I would not call Star Wars: Droids a must see. At least not for every Star Wars fan. For the newer ones I say skip it because the audience that embrace the films and embraced this is not the same audience as you. For the older and more long-time fans I say give this a revisit or a first time viewing. It is fun and it is a little goofy, but it is also a great bit of early animated Star Wars.

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