Star Wars: Ewoks

Directed by Raymond Jafelice, Ken Stephenson, and Dale Schott

September 7, 1985 to December 13, 1986

Produced by Nelvana, Lucasfilm, and Wang Film Productions


Voice Cast

  • Wicket Wysteri Warrick-Jim Henshaw and then Denny Delk
  • Widdle “Willy” Warrick-John Stocker
  • Weechee Warrick-Greg Swanson
  • Deej Warrick-Richard Donat
  • Shodu Warrick-Nonnie Griffin and then Esther Scott
  • Erpham Warrick-Anthony Parr
  • Princess Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka-Cree Summer and then Jeanne Reynolds
  • Asha-Tabitha St. Germain
  • Chief Chirpa-George Buza and then Rick Cimino
  • Paploo-Paul Chato
  • Bozzie-Pam Hyatt
  • Teebo-Eric Peterson and then James Cranna
  • Malani-Alyson Court
  • Latara-Taborah Johnson and then Sue Murphy
  • Master Logray-Doug Chamberlain
  • King Gorneesh-Dan Hennessey
  • Queen Urga-Melleny Brown
  • Umwak-Don Francks
  • Morag-Jackie Burroughs

These are the adventures of Wicket W. Warrick and the other Ewoks on the forest moon of Endor.

Star Wars: Ewoks was and still is not my favorite of the original two Star Wars animated shows even though it lasted longer and had the better associated toys. It never quite had that Star Wars vibe to me. It was good but not great. Droids is much more in the Star Wars mold in my opinion. I watched an old DVD for a memory refresher and did not watch the series which is now available on Disney+.

While both shows were definitely very child friendly, Ewoks was the child friendliest. The stories felt simpler, and the characters were not that deep. Like many children’s shows of the day (and even now) the characters just “were” and they lack motivation beyond doing what they are supposed to do.

In this show they expanded greatly upon the concept of the Ewoks. They were still a primitive species of apparent hunter gatherers but gained a cousin species called Dulocks. They were a bumbling group of characters very in line with the villains of many child friendly shows of the era. It was an interesting addition but one that failed to feel like a genuine threat threat.

I bring this up because Star Wars is a family friendly fictional universe. But the villains still felt like genuine threats to the good guys. Here are the Duloks felt more like an annoying friend or neighbor that comes in and screws things up. They were often sitcom baddies.

The evil witch Morag that the Dulok’s often sought out when she faced off directly with the Ewok shaman Logray was a much more interesting villain. She felt more dangerous yet still in a kid friendly mode.

Ewoks was paired with the far superior Droids in its first season. Droids only got one season but somehow this got renewed for one more. I never got that. In its second season it flew solo and was rebranded as The All-New Ewoks. It also got a new theme song. The first was not too bad while the second one was more “Meh.” Neither theme had an adventure vibe or anything like that and that is what one might expect from a show like this.

original theme

In Season One each episode was a single story. With the advent of Season Two and the new name each episode had two stories with the exceptions of “The Raich“, “Night of the Stranger“, “The Season Scepter” and “Battle for the Sunstar.” Season Two also saw new voice actors taking over roles. Wicket, Princess Kneesa, Chief Chirpa, and Teebo-all significant characters-got new voice actors and I recall it being jarring to my little ears.

Second theme

The animation was similar in style to Droids as both shows were produced by the same company. It is typical of what they are known for. It is nothing terrible but not that great. On a personal note, I would like Star Wars to get a slick looking hand drawn series better in style than this. CGI is good but hand drawn is art.

Star Wars: Ewoks is the weaker of the two original animated shows. This is only worth watching to see early Star Wars animation. I give this an if you want.

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