Despicable Me 3

  • Directed by Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda
  • June 14, 2017 (Annecy) / June 30, 2017 (United States)

Voice Cast

  • Gru / Dru-Steve Carell
  • Lucy Wilde-Kristen Wiig
  • Balthazar Bratt-Trey Parker
  • Mel, Kevin, Stuart, Bob, and the Minions-Pierre Coffin
  • Margo-Miranda Cosgrove
  • Edith-Dana Gaier
  • Agnes-Nev Scharrel
  • Silas Ramsbottom / Fritz-Steve Coogan
  • Valerie Da Vinci-Jenny Slate
  • Gru and Dru’s mom-Julie Andrews
  • Clive the Robot (Bratt’s sidekick)-Andy Nyman
  • Niko-Adrian Ciscato

After losing his job with the AVL, Gru learns that he has a long-lost, and more successful, twin brother named Dru who wants to team up with him for one last caper.

Despicable Me 3 is the third entry in the main series and the fourth in the Despicable Me Universe. Does every film get its own ongoing universe now? Geez! Anyway, it is not a bad film overall but it does suffer from popularity. It is not bad, but the story focuses more on other characters beyond Dru. To me it feels like what should be the central character is fighting for attention in is own movie.

We have a few plots running through this film. Only one of which impacted the finale. The others could have been skipped or merged and there still would have been the same finale. It does not harm the film, but it feels a little bit like unnecessary effort that could have been used elsewhere.

That Minions get a bit more screen time than in the last two films. After Gru loses his job and refuses to go back to villainy they strike out on their own which leads to a side story. Eventually they stumble into an American Idol like show called Sing. After that they end up in a prison where they essentially run the place. It reminds me of a musical I once saw but the title is escaping me now.

The two youngest daughters, Edith and Agnes, go on a unicorn hunting adventure in a place called the Crooked Forest. It was a side adventure that felt largely like fluff. It was cute but should have been included as a short since in the media release since it did little to move the story.

Missing from the story is Dr. Nefario who accidentally froze himself in carbonite (love the Star Wars reference). Gru’s mother who appeared at the end of the last film but said nothing actually gets a few lines out of necessity in this movie. The separation of Gru and his brother was because of the divorce agreement she had with his dad. She kept Gru while Dru went with his father the Freedonia. It is one of those fake countries with just enough weirdness to mine comedy from.

Gru’s wife Lucy in this film appears to be struggling to bond with the three girls-Margo, Edith, and Agnes. At the end of the last one they seemed okay with her. They did not hate her but there was no indication that there was a distance. Sometimes this distance is played as being all in her head and sometimes it is played as being real.

The oldest daughter Margo while engaging in a Freedonian cheese festival ritual accidentally gets engaged. A young boy named Niko is not being approached by anyone so Lucy, acting on Margo’s advice from earlier, forces her to go up and accept Niko’s cheese. This leads to a misunderstanding that is solved when Lucy goes all mama bear on Niko’s mother. A cute story but one that could have been part of a short film on a DVD extra. They were stretching ot this into something feature length.

Gru learns from Dru that their father was a successful villain called The Bald Terror. Dru on the other hand has no ability to succeed at villainy and has sought out his brother to teach him how to be a good villain. Gru refuses at first until he realizes that he could steal the Dumont Diamond back from Balthazar Bratt whose theft cost Dru and Lucy their jobs.

The main villain of Balthazar Bratt is a former child star who starred in a cancelled 80s show called Evil Bratt. When his show was cancelled in the third season because of puberty, he lost his mind a bit and became an actual villain. He is locked in the 80s from his fashion to his music choices to even his super villain lair which is a Rubik’s cube. Even the base of his lair looks like one of those crappy pointy very early CGI graphics they used to do back then.

The animation has a disturbing reality to it. There is texture and detail that I have never seen in a CGI animated film before. You even see knicks and scratches on things.

The film is just as silly its predecessors. But I think this is where the story should end. They struggled a little bit here to keep this fresh and fill with material and should call it a day with this one. There is talk of a fourth and I am not sure they could maintain quality.

Despicable Me 3 is an entertaining third entry in the Despicable Me films. It has plenty of laughs and plenty of silliness even if it does struggle a bit. Watch it!

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