YouTube Comedy Film Festival I

Enjoy this small selection of comedic shorts brought to you by YouTube.


The Craig Murray Incident

  • Camera (and everything else) by Chris Laudando
  • March 28, 2012

In a response to Sal consuming his frozen burrito, Murr builds a time machine in the gang’s closet and travels to the future to seduce Sal’s future daughter.

The now world-famous Tenderloins Comedy Troupe (better known to television audiences as the Impractical Jokers) star in this nearly 8-minute YouTube gem. It is a ridiculous revenge story that goes for the laugh and plays up the silliness. It is done on an extreme microbudget yet manages to be comedy gold.

What really sells it at the end is the use of the Lionel Richie classic “Hello” as we see the lynchpin of Sal’s revenge for what Murr did-Murr’s son played by Impractical Jokers fixture Casey Jost. I lost it the first time I watched this. It is just the stupidest of stupid ideas that works because they take a “reality be damned!” towards it all.

They pull off an effective film here in The Craig Murray Incident with virtually no budget proving the joke is what matters.


Handjob Cabin

  • Directed by Bennet Silverman
  • October 6, 2015

In this trailer a group of strangers go to spend a weekend in a cabin in the woods only to encounter a frustrated sexually aggressive ghost.

This trailer first of all looks like the trailer for an actual film. When I first saw it, I genuinely believed it was for an extremely low budget trashy comedy, so I looked hard for the film. This strangely looks legit. It does not look fake. It looks like these are scenes taken from an already finished film. I searched the Internet and quickly learned it was a parody trailer. It was actually kind of disappointing because what is in here looks like it could make a good raunchy comedy and they just do not do good raunchy comedies anymore.

There is not much here in the way of a detailed story but you get the basic story of the fake film that this trailer is for. This is a spoof of horror movies. It touches on the tragic accident and vengeful spirit that has returned to wreak havoc in a way connected to what cost it its life. Here it is a disastrous moment of self-satisfaction.

Physically this is a cast of actors you would find in a rather disposable horror film which is what this makes fun of. This is just silly and goofy and straight up entertaining. It does not hold itself back at all.

I admit to finding this very funny. It is extremely juvenile yet extremely well done. If this were made into an actual movie, I think it has the potential to be a cult classic. It wouldn’t win a single award, but it would have that strong core audience which would laugh their behind off every time they watched it.

The greatest disappointment when it comes to Handjob Cabin is that it is not a real movie. I suggest you check out the short comedic film. It is funny so watch it!

You need to go to YouTube to watch this.


The Little Slutty Mermaid

  • Director James Murray
  • December 20, 2008

There is a big storm, and The Tenderloins find a mermaid in the swimming pool.

It is a pretty silly premise and takes the cast to either extremes of or outside their public personas. Q is comically sinister and has homicidal urges when it comes to the new fishtailed female that the guys are lusting over. Murr is the pervert much as he is in the show. Joe is kind of the guy they are hanging out. And Sal is the naïve one.

It is a short five-minute skit that takes place mostly around a house with the guys overtly hitting on her with Sal actually seeking a romance.

The bit ends with Q finally having accomplished his goal of killing the mermaid. He sells the fish half to a group of individuals to use as sushi for about $10,000 which leaves Sal broken heart. No deep messages. No hidden meanings. Just a five-minute story about a slutty mermaid that slept with everybody but Sal.

The Little Slutty Mermaid is an entertaining bit. I say watch it!

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