The Wind: Demons of the Prairie

  • Directed by Emma Tammi
  • September 10, 2018 (TIFF) / April 5, 2019 (US)

A plains woman experiences unusual occurrences in the isolation of the American West. I think. This film is a mess.

This was something I came across at a discount retailer. The Wind (or The Wind: Demons of the Prairie as it appears to have two names) film looked interesting enough to justify my purchase of it. Fortunately I only paid a dollar so my money was not wasted.

There was a lot of nothing in this movie. A lot of sad or ominous music and a lot of dialogue but a whole lot more reaction shots or just shots of people. Or maybe there was a great deal of something, but this was too much of a jumble to clearly see it. The narrative leaps around from past and present. I’m not taking swipes at them for an unusual narrative structure but how they used what they did made events difficult to follow. Seeing how they clearly connected was not possible. I know what happened in the movie but how it all fits together is impossible to discern.

The story of The Wind could be taken in one of two ways: that there really is a supernatural evil tormenting the central female or the woman is just succumbing to personal demons in the isolation of the west. I have no opinion in either instance because of that damn time hopping.

The movie looks good. It’s one of the better looking low budget Westerns of any type I have seen in a while. Unfortunately they just do a lot of nothing here. They try to be artsy but forget to tell a coherent story. We have atmosphere and dialogue in a confusing narrative. This is such a mess I cannot tell you character names. There is not enough that establishes motivations or much of anything about anybody here. Leaving people confused does not necessarily mean you made art.

The Wind is a pretentious film that thinks it’s high art when it’s really just going through the motions of being high art. It is enamored by the independent film label. Just work on making a good movie. Not every good movie is art nor is every bit of art a good movie.

The Wind: Demons of the Prairie wants to be The Witch set in the West. The Witch was a good film with a unique setting. It was also an intriguing story. It put story first. This puts artsy first and coherent story second. If director Emma Tammi had simply gone more conventional I think I might have actually liked this film or found it watchable.

Why is it so hard to make a good supernatural Western? My personal favorite so far is Dead in Tombstone which starred Danny Trejo. It was an enjoyable film. I think perhaps the problem is everybody wants to be a Revisionist Western and not every Western should be a Revisionist Western.

The Wind: Demons of the Prairie is a disjointed and boring film. I only paid a dollar for this, and I think I paid too much. Skip it.

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