Dead Space: Aftermath

  • Directed by Mike Disa
  • January 25, 2011

Voice Cast

  • Isabella Cho-Gwendoline Yeo
  • Nickolas Kuttner-Christopher “Teal’C” Judge
  • Alejandro Borges-Ricardo Chavira
  • Nolan Stross-Curt Cornelius
  • Lead Interrogator-Peter Woodward

With contact lost with USG Ishimura, the USG O’Bannon is sent to Aegis VII to investigate but contact is lost with that ship as well.

Often in my experience you get good direct to video videogame movie tie ins. I have enjoyed game tie ins to such series as Halo and Mass Effect and even the one to the one-off Dante’s Inferno game. Why Hollywood has such trouble making feature film adaptions of videogames is beyond me.

Dead Space: Aftermath is a pretty good film. Unlike its predecessor it does help to have a little bit of knowledge of the games but not so much so that you will be lost when viewing this. The story here goes a little more into the world created for the games but nothing so heavy that you will not know what’s going on.

This film is largely a series of flashbacks detailing the events on the USG O’Bannon. As per the last film the Church of Unitology is trying to obtain a Marker (in this case they are after any surviving piece of the Marker seen in the previous film) which is an object sacred to the Unitologists. This Marker is clearly massively dangerous and completely uncontrollable yet here they are trying to get a shard of it to obtain its power. It is the same logic that propels people to get a xenomorph in the Alien films.

The animation for the present moments is done in low end CGI. The flashback material is animated in varying styles of animation. The particular look of each flashback varies a bit. This is probably a result of the work being farmed out to different animation houses, but it works if you think of it as a way of highlighting that each story is from a different perspective. Dong Woo Animation and JM Animation, two of the companies used here, had previously collaborated with Film Roman on the animated film Dante’s Inferno: An Animated Epic.

Dead Space: Aftermath is a story about supernatural space evil intersecting with a vast conspiracy with religious fanaticism tossed in. And as I said before in my review of the previous work I wonder how much of whatever was behind the creation of the markers is actually behind the religion. Did it somehow create Unitology? The religion’s focus on getting something that is clearly 100% destructive seems rather idiotic and I would think that.

There are a few points where the narrative does get a little repetitive. It is because the flashbacks sometimes repeat moments from the other stories. It gives it a been there done that type feel. It is strong enough that it can bring you out of the narrative.

Despite this Dead Space: Aftermath is an interesting animated space horror film. Based on what I recall of the Dead Space games it fits in very nicely with them but does not seem to contain many of the game weapons or broad series references that would not be narratively harmful. The story does have a building sense of dread and doom.

Dead Space: Aftermath is better than one would expect feature length animated advertisement for a video game but that can come down to bias. The assumption is that these are often bad when often they are not. You can watch it without having played the games. So I say take a look!

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