The Strangely Entertaining WolfCop

  • Written and Directed by Lowell Dean
  • June 6, 2014

After a small-town alcoholic cop investigates an odd complaint, he finds he has been turned into a werewolf. Now with his newfound powers he must stop a group of reptilian shapeshifters from sacrificing him and maintaining their unholy grip on the town.

Sgt. Lou Garou (Leo Fafard) is an alcoholic town sheriff’s deputy. I mean ridiculously alcoholic to the point he should probably have died of cirrhosis of the liver long ago. It has made him something of a joke, But, in a twist, his extreme alcoholism allows him to maintain control while transformed when he is cursed.

That is where this film done on the cheap gets much of its strength. It goes for the silly or the ridiculous. There is an absurdness to it at times with this werewolf cop donning a police uniform and driving around in a customized police car. The villains are shapeshifting lizard people behind a conspiracy that connects to this joke of a cop and has even influenced his life.

WolfCop is most definitely a low budget movie, but it is an awesome low budget movie. It understands what is and does not try to be anything more. Plus it looks good for what it is. The werewolf looks good. Not great but pretty good for a low-budget film. I expected a shitty rubber mask but while not a sophisticated animatronic, what they did sold me.

The initial werewolf transformation is…different. I do not think I have seen anything quite like it. It must be seen to be believed. The words I would use would fail me. They do not show too much but what they do show makes it something special. The whole scenario is just weird and funny. I would hate to say too much and ruin it for you.

WolfCop embraces its silliness and the reality that it is a very low budget film. It does not try to be more than what it is and in doing so it becomes a very good and entertaining movie. WolfCop must contend with not only reptilian shapeshifters but a local gang called the Piggies. Our big bad WolfCop is fighting pigs. They went there. The movie does not shy away from bad puns and the silly. The big store in WolfCop’s town of Woodhaven is called Liquor and Donuts. 

I enjoy a good low budget movie. Being a multimillion-dollar production is not a prerequisite for me to like something. Being from a major studio is not a necessity. Just entertain me with quality. WolfCop does that. It avoids getting a big head and being pretentious.

The acting is better than I expected. No one is great but they are at least good. It is my understanding most are locals from where this was filmed in Canada and I would not guess that. I was pleasantly surprised by all the performances.

Part of me really wishes this film had a better budget than what it did. With a little bit more money I think it could have done very well as a mainstream film. On the flipside I am glad it did not. If it had then it would have been attached to a big studio and the sheer goofiness would have been diluted by executives adverse to risk. The actors we have would not have been cast and the film we would have gotten would be a far cry from the gem we got.

I picked up WolfCop at a local discount retailer known as Dollar Tree. I had heard some good things about the movie and decided I had nothing to lose by buying it at the place I found it. It exceeded my expectations. It is a great film that has been largely under the radar.

WolfCop is a great horror comedy. It is not a riotous film, but you will laugh, and you will definitely be entertained. If you can find it, you should watch it!

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