Another WolfCop: A Near Perfect Blend of Horror and Comedy

  • Written and Directed by Lowell Dean
  • July 29, 2017 (Fantasia International Film Festival) / December 8, 2017 (everywhere else?)

Having become something of an urban legend, WolfCop is forced into action again to save the town of Woodhaven from a scheming businessman with sinister plans involving beer and hockey.

Another WolfCop, like the original, is a film that makes no effort to be highbrow or intellectual. It is as dumb and idiotic as any number of 80s comedies and perhaps that is why I love them both. The jokes are stupid and the situations ridiculous. It is meant to speak to the lowest common denominator and that is just fine.

Leo Fafard returns as alcoholic Canadian police Sergeant Lou Garou who was cursed with lycanthropy in the last film and became the legendary WolfCop. Lou seems a little more in control of his power than last time (drinking more?) and spends his transformed moments locked away watching television unless he is bored. Then he just escapes.

Amy Matysio is once again Sergeant Tina Walsh who seems to have a bit of an attraction for Lou and helps secure him during full moons as well as covering for him with other deputies when necessary. Due to events of the last film she is acting police chief of Woodhaven.

Jonathan Cherry shows up again as Willie Higgins who I swore was dead in the last film. I was left with the impression in the last movie that he actually was a shape shifter but apparently he was only just replaced prior to events. It turns out Willie was kidnapped by the shapeshifting reptilians for purposes initially unknown. Willie though does not return completely unchanged. In keeping with the humor here he now has a giant, intelligent penis. New to the cast is Sara Miller as Willie’s sister Kat who has a secret of her own.

Yannick “Murdoch Mysteries” Bisson is the film’s villain Sidney Swallows. Swallows is a reptilian shapeshifter who is posing as a successful businessman/entrepreneur that comes off a bit like Elon Musk who has reopened the town’s brewery to produce Chicken Milk Stout as well as refurbishing the local hockey arena.

Kevin Smith cameos as the incompetent Mayor Bubba. Smith got involved because he was scouting locations for his film Moose Jaws. As a creator he can be overrated at times but as a performer he can be quite good such as here.

There is a cameo by an actor named Lawrence Gowan going by the name Gowan who is apparently a well-known Canadian musician. He is the organist called “Organo” during the hockey stadium scene. In a confrontation between Willie and he in the organ booth, Willie calls Organo a “strange animal”. This is a reference to his second album Strange Animal which was his first album to be commercially successful. Just a fun bit of trivia.

Not to be outdone by the transformation scene from the first, there is a hilarious sex scene where Willie’s sister transforms into a werecat before she and WolfCop do the deed (thus explaining why she left town). And in keeping with this film’s raunchy humor like any cat she has multiple boobs. It is something that must be seen.

The movie steps up the abused substances. WolfCop snorts moon dust so he can transform at a few points. The booze helps him maintain control and space coke lets him change.

The reptilian plot is not all hockey and weird alcohol. It turns out that the shapeshifters are unable to reproduce because of Earth’s atmosphere. However they have found a way to impregnate humans and increase their numbers and plan on doing so at the hockey team’s inaugural game.

Another Wolfcop is one of the rare sequels that equals the original. This movie is just as raunchy and hilarious as its predecessor. It has improved production values courtesy of an obviously better budget. I thought the last one did not quite have the budget it needed.

This is just a funny, weird ride. It is oddball humor filled with quirky characters in a hang-a-lantern-on-it comedy. The acting town sheriff treats the bizarre nature of the town they live in as normal. It is as if she assumes life is like this in every small town. The lines are delivered deadpan in a way similar to Frank Drebin and the direction is an improvement from the original.

Another WolfCop is an entertaining sequel to the original film. It takes everything that worked about the first one and builds upon it in the second. There are genuine laughs and enough silliness to keep you watching from beginning to end. This is a watch it!

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