The Critical Drinker

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  • 2012 to present

Looking for interesting and entertaining takes on entertainment and pop culture? Then this YouTube channel just might be for you.

The Critical Drinker is a YouTube channel I stumbled across some time ago. Despite the gimmick he uses, the host generally makes good points such as the below video on modern culture and the need by some to judge films of old by the standards of today and how it’s a bad path to take.

Per IMDb the man behind The Critical Drinker was born in 1983 in Fife, Scotland as William Thomas Jordan. He is a producer and writer and married father of two. The biography is pretty thin but from the created content I gather the creative mind here has been a vigorous and thoughtful consumer of entertainment since their earliest days.

Most of his videos are biting humorous critiques of movies or television shows. The Critical Drinker does not hold back. He is even handed but is not afraid to go against the grain. He does not take the consensus view by default. With shows such as Picard or popular film universes such as the MCU he doesn’t gush praise on whatever they spew out. He holds to his views and you get a very good sense as to why.

Very often I find myself agreeing with him either a little bit or 100%. The Critical Drinker will point something out and explain his opinion. It’s not just an opinion or belief with nothing to back it up. These are not done to be a contrarian to get attention. These are honest views presented humorously.

What is said is supported by reasons. He can give well thought through arguments. Even if I do not agree with his assessment, I can understand his reasoning and I think others that give these videos a try will have a similar experience.

The Critical Drinker can be a deceptively deep thinker. The arguments presented can be well thought through even if the gimmick used is meant to be comical. There can be good ideas wrapped up in a tasty exterior that slip past your biases and preconceptions to get into your brain.

I strongly suggest you find this YouTube channel and subscribe to it. You’ll laugh as you enjoy his insights and jokes. You may even find yourself rethinking a few things.

Anyway, that’s all I got for today. Go away now!

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2 thoughts on “The Critical Drinker

  1. I like the Critical Drinker, my only issue with his channel/videos is that, on the whole, it suffers from the same thing as other similar YouTube reviewers- its all extremes, either the film/tv show is absolute shit or Best Thing Ever, because only scores of 0 or 10 gets hits/attracts followers, its just how this all works and why blogs people actually have to make the effort to read get far less attention.

    That said, the Critical Drinker’s channel has a certain wit others lack but its begun to wear me down somewhat. I can only take all these channels in small doses. God knows some of their targets deserve their ire but the discourse quickly degenerates into noise. Its funny how I can read a blog stating that Star Trek: Voyager is some kind of genius and the best Trek show of all time, and then see another video ranting at how absolute shit woke it is. Critical discourse seems almost entirely in the hands of amateurs now (the irony that us both are included in this isn’t lost on me) and its all enough to almost make me pity the poor creatives working in Hollywood etc.

    If you’re not familiar with it, I’d like to point you towards the Movie Collector, a far more relaxing experience:

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