Cosmic Sin: Not Just Referencing the Movie

  • Directed by Edward Drake
  • March 12, 2021

***Note: I wrote this prior to Bruce Willis’s announcement and have chosen to let this post unaltered.***

A first contact with an alien species goes horribly wrong and now a team is sent to stop an all-out war by this aggressive enemy.

This is the very definition of a paycheck film. If anyone did this because they thought it was good material they might have to rethink their taste. Cosmic Sin purportedly stars Frank Grillo and Bruce Willis. I use ‘purportedly’ because their involvement in the film is minimal at best. Willis bookends the story while Grillo feels almost like he was inserted into the footage as an afterthought when filming with the rest of the cast was completed. Aside from a hallway shot with his character’s nephew, I am hard pressed to recall a scene that says Grillo was on set for the production. Pickup shots are normal in film making and serve to fix or flesh out scenes and are unnoticeable. Inserting a whole new character just sticks out like the bump on Quasimodo’s back.

Bruce Willis is supposed to be this former military bad ass named General “The Blood General” Ford who dropped a bomb on a whole bunch of colonists in order to end a war, but his character could just as easily be John McClane or any number of other characters he has played over the years. Aside from the standout moments with a character that is Ford’s ex-wife (Perrey Reeves) there’s really nothing to identifiable about his general. Willis does nothing mildly unique here.

As compared to some other recent on the cheap Willis projects, Willis is clearly on set with the other actors through the bulk of this in comparison to fellow cast member Frank Grillo. Willis used none of his diminishing star power to avoid going to the shooting location. Kudos!

The characters of Cosmic Sin are rather generic and quite interchangeable. Personally I think somebody looked at what they had and decided they needed some celebrity help and ripped away lines from the others for the characters played by Willis and Grillo. Nobody has a distinct personality or goes through much of an arc. You fight an alien force and come out of the experience unchanged?

The alien threat of the story is a collective intelligence that highjacks bodies and conquers for reasons… This evil threat is a black liquid and slowly mutates the host body into a generic cosplay at a science fiction convention. If you are masochistic and decide to watch this you will understand what I mean. For example, why carry an anime style sword in a universe filled with energy weapons?

The title of this movie refers to the protocol that is to be used should a first contact go bad. ‘Cosmic Sin’ means you drop a Q-Bomb on a planet. What does a Q-Bomb do? It apparently creates a blackhole (not sure if it’s temporary or permanent) that destroys everything.

What does a Q-Bomb look like? It is less impressive. The device is a clear cylinder with a glowing red light in the middle. They couldn’t do better for this movie? I’m not sure what they could’ve done but this looks like they removed a component of another prop to use as the bomb in this.

From the start it feels like chunks were cut out of Cosmic Sin but replaced with nothing to cover the loss of material. The narrative either stumbles around or moves at a rapid pace. On the whole it’s a rather uneven film. And the action. There is some but calling it good or exciting is a bit of a stretch. The CGI visuals are cool looking though.

Cosmic Sin is well produced though and looks good for being on the cheaper side. This movie could’ve been something decent if they had put a little more effort into the story or just general thought into what they were going to do. For the cast this was obviously an easy paycheck. For the producers this was a tax write-off.

Cosmic Sin is another low budget misfire starring Bruce Willis. It’s not terrible but it’s not worthy of a watch either. I’m going to say pass on this one but if you do you choose to check it out you will only be able to get through it once.

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