A Chipmunk Christmas

  • Directed by Phil Monroe
  • December 14, 1981
  • NBC

Voice Cast

  • Alvin, Simon, David Seville-Ross Bagdasarian Jr.
  • Theodore, Angela Waterford, Cindy Lou-Janice Karman
  • Mrs. Claus, Mrs. Waterford-June Foray
  • Santa Claus, Doctor-Frank Welker
  • Clyde Crashcup-Charles Berendt
  • Tommy Waterford-R. J. Williams

Alvin gives away his treasured harmonica to a sick child just as Dave books a major concert on Christmas Eve.

There was once a time when the networks were filled with Christmas specials from 8 AM to 9 PM. Starting around Thanksgiving and usually ending after Christmas you could find a movie or a half hour special or an episode dedicated specifically to Christmas. I miss those days.

A Chipmunk Christmas came out in the early 80s and left a strong impression in my mind for some reason. I think this was quite possibly my first introduction to the Chipmunks. I don’t really recall having ever seen their previous cartoon. I did watch their 80s animated series though.

The story is simple enough and it’s a bit of a play on The Gift of the Magi. Alvin hears the story of a sick child and feeling bad decides to gift him with his Golden Echo harmonica because the child wants one. He then finds out that he is booked for a Christmas concert where he must play a solo on that very harmonica.

The message of the special is simple and gets to the heart of the season. It’s about doing the right thing with chaos ensuing when Alvin having just given away his harmonica learns he’s going to be playing Carnegie Hall and has to do a harmonica solo. The story is a series of comical misunderstandings.

The production was designed by Chuck Jones and looks very much like a Chuck Jones cartoon. It has his signature style which really helps sell the story. There’s some light humor but it is mostly about the Christmas.

A Chipmunk Christmas is nothing too special but it’s a simple enough thing that it will entertain your children and maybe even give you a little nostalgia.

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