Just Some Thoughts On…Why Not Those Behind DC’s Animated Movies?

I find myself asking: why James Gunn? There are other-and better-choices.

I have often said that the people behind the animated movies from DC should have been put in charge of their live action films. At least after the Snyderverse was abandoned. They have crafted some of the best DC films. Bruce Timm, Sam Liu, Alan Burnett (who retired so he is out), Sam Register, Rick Morales, Jim Krieg, Amy McKenna, and many others have been connected to at least ONE of the animated DC films-most of which are quite good. Some mentioned here laid the groundwork for the quality storytelling we get today in their animated features.

They are engaging and exciting and more often than not just fun to watch. They nicely straddle family friendly and adult easily by not talking down to anyone. Usually but not always. They have guided some fine animated storytelling yet appear to have not been too much of a consideration to lead live action DC. Why were these people who cared about the material not considered?

And why pick James Gunn? You have a pool of talent already there and already familiar with DC material that more often than not honors the source while still being accessible to the uninitiated. There may be an issue here or there but often those are minor.

My only thought is The Suicide Squad. Not Brightburn. Not Guardians of the Galaxy. Not Guardians of the Galaxy Volume Two. Why? Because The Suicide Squad was a DC movie that appealed to DC and Marvel fans. Why? Because it was a DC film with a very Marvel tone to it. It had the unending humor that is present in the MCU.

But is that what you want? Do you want to be a pale imitation of your competitor? DC seems to be saying “Yes.” Heck rumors are swirling that they’ve already poached Frank “Crossbones” Grillo from Marvel. Not that the character was huge or anything but when you get one former Marvel actor you will probably get more.

James Gunn is treated as some kind of cinematic god. The two most successful films he has directed and written were both under the Marvel banner and Marvel has a heck of a marketing machine at their disposal for the MCU. Yes he’s been involved with Scooby-Doo and he did Brightburn and some other stuff but he is no cinematic genius. He has a few things people recall fondly.

I am also bothered that Gunn seems to be focusing on newer material rather than digging deep into the lore of DC comics. While a little over 40 years old, Creature Commandos has had a few combinations/incarnations in its time so which version exactly will we get? The Authority is about half that in age with a violent edge that makes it sound perfect for the aborted Snyderverse. But neither is known much beyond core comics fans.

I am troubled that he has taken to the tactic of comparing everything that he wishes to do to other things which is usually not a good sign. The proposed Wonder Woman prequel series gets compared to Game of Thrones? Dozens of properties over the decades of entertainment have done just that before they’ve ever been put out and it usually ends up that they’re not like what they claim. Or worse are simply very bad imitations. It’s one thing to make the comparison between two different movies or TV shows after the second is out and the public has had some time to digest it, but before it even hits screens. And who even asked for this? It is about as wanted as the short-lived show Krypton. Who besides my remembers it?

Gunn talks a good game but demonstrates shallow knowledge. It is not that he is a (purported) fan of what he says. His fandom reminds me of someone with only a surface level knowledge who thinks a Google search is enough to get deeper. And he called Superman a big galoot. Who talks like that? What mild fan would say that about a character they are supposed to care about.

Ultimately, I’m not sure if James Gunn is the best suited. Ultimately, I feel that that those behind the animated films were far more qualified. They appreciated the material. They appreciated DC in all its forms. James Gunn I don’t think feels the same. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think I am.

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