Stagecoach: A 1986 Version of the Classic Film

Directed by Ted Post May 18, 1986 CBS A motley group of stagecoach passengers embark on a dangerous trip from Tonto, Arizona Territory to Lordsburg, New Mexico Territory. This is a 1986 TV version loosely based on the legendary film that made John Wayne a star. This was also a starring vehicle for members ofContinue reading “Stagecoach: A 1986 Version of the Classic Film”

How the West Was Won

Directed by Henry Hathaway, John Ford, and George Marshall November 1, 1962 (United Kingdom) / February 20, 1963 (United States) The epic story of the settling of the West as told through the eyes of a single family of settlers. This is an amazing Western spectacle film from a time when Hollywood knew how to make an epic film with a sprawling cast. JustContinue reading “How the West Was Won”